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How to Make Even Eyebrows

Even eyebrows are a sign of great beauty and an easy way to make your face appear younger and more vibrant. The shape of your brows depends on your face type. If you have a square face, a rounded brow will look more flattering than a sharply angled brow.

To make sure your brows are even, you need to follow a few simple steps. These include defining the shape of your arches, filling in sparse areas and applying highlighter to give them definition.

1. Define Your Arch Using an Eye Pencil

First, mark the top of your arches with an eye pencil. This will help you keep the shape consistent and will prevent any stray hairs from popping up.

2. Trim the Hairs to Make Even Brows

Next, use a pair of scissors or tweezers to trim your brows to the same length. You can stagger the length as you go, but don’t trim any hairs beyond the top of your inner corners.

3. Remove Strays & Tweeze Strays

Finally, remove any stray hairs from above and below your eyebrows to achieve an even shape. Be careful not to pluck the hairs too far, as this will leave your brow looking harsh and severe.

4. Apply an Eyeshadow Shade That’s the Correct Color

When you’re applying an eyeshadow, select one that is at least a shade lighter than your natural hair color. This will ensure your brows look natural and will blend in well with the rest of your face.

5. Apply a Layer of Eyebrow Powder

If you’re looking for an extra-fine finish, consider applying a layer of brow powder to your brows. This will ensure your brows are smooth and defined, but will also add a touch of color to them.

6. Laminated Eyebrows – A New Trend for Spring/Summer

Many people are turning to the laminated brow trend for a more natural-looking eyebrow. It isn’t difficult to achieve, but you need to be careful when applying it.

The key is to create upward strokes with your brow brush rather than sideways, and to focus on sparse areas.

8. Fill In Your Brows With an Eyebrow Pencil and an Angled Brush

The first step to achieving the perfect brow is to define your arch. The most common mistake women make is creating a straight arch, but this can be very unflattering. Instead, a more natural-looking approach is to start off with a triangular shape that curves into a pronounced arch.

9. Sculpt Your Tails

The tails of your brows should end at about the same level as the inside tips of your eyebrows, and they should be shaped a little thinner than your main brow line.

This will give your brows a more symmetrical appearance and will help them to sit comfortably on your face.

10. Conclusion

If you want to have perfectly shaped brows, it’s essential to follow these steps and use the right products. If you’re unsure about the right products for your brows, ask a professional to recommend them to you.