How to Make a Cat Carrier That Your Cat Will Enjoy

A cat carrier is an essential piece of gear for cats who want to go out and enjoy the world but need a safe place to rest. They can get anxious in strange places, and a good carrier can help make your trip to the vet less stressful for your pet. But not every cat likes to travel, and some may have a difficult time getting comfortable in a carrier. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a cat carrier that your cat will enjoy.

First, it is important to change your cat’s perception of the carrier from being a bad place to being a comfortable place. Some cats will change their negative feelings about carriers in a matter of days, while others take a few months or even a year to become fully adjusted. To start, a carrier should be positioned in a room where you spend a lot of time with your cat. This way, she can see that the carrier is a part of her home and not something that predicts a trip to the vet.

Next, make sure that the carrier is well ventilated and covered by a light blanket or towel. It should also have multiple doors or entry points so that your cat can choose to enter and exit as needed, and there should be a few places to hang a favorite toy.

Finally, you should be prepared to spend a little extra time preparing the carrier for use. The most effective ways to do this include removing any items that may scare your cat or lining the interior with an item scented with your cat’s favorite scent.

It is also helpful to remove any toys that may be a source of stress for your cat and replacing them with her current favorites. Keeping her toys around the house, especially ones she doesn’t like or isn’t allowed to play with, can increase her anxiety and make it harder to get her comfortable in her carrier.

If you’re using a new carrier, try to pick one that allows you to separate the top from the bottom, so you can lift your cat out easily if they get nervous or become defensive about being put in a carrier. If your cat doesn’t mind this, it will make the vet visit much easier for both of you.

Another way to make your cat’s experience with a carrier more comfortable is to put her favorite items inside it, such as a bed or pillow, to create a cozy spot. It is also a good idea to line the bottom of the carrier with a towel that has her favorite scent on it.

Once your cat is used to the carrier, you can start preparing it for travel. It is always a good idea to put her favorite food, water, and bedding in the carrier so she can feel comfortable and not be afraid of what might happen on the trip.